Thursday, March 16, 2006

Next Statements To Come From EER, Afren, Chevron, As Sao Tome Celebrates, Mutwadadi Says

The great Mutwadadi responded this morning to a note from us asking about the events occurring Tuesday, which he didn't get until today.

He said he's expecting the next word on developments to come from Chevron, Afren or EER, which has been silent for almost two years. It last issued a press release in April 2004.

Mutwadadi also has kind words for the I-Hub poster Meridian, whom he says seems to be very close to all the events. On our source Doc, however, he is a touch skeptical, asking if we're sure he is an African.

Here's the latest from one of the best sources in Africa any journalist has ever had:


sorry i didnt pick your email earlier. everyone did their part in abuja, and there are celebrations back in sao tome. interest now is on a statement of some sort from either chevron, afren or eer ( on block 1. and the 8K erhc will have to file shortly? it would need someone closer to your side who understands these things much better [missing words] the company's apparent capacity to defy gravity.

yr source is interesting. is he definitely african? the chap on the other board also seems peculiarly close to what was happening. all good as no one worries about mutwadadi.

all best

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