Sunday, March 19, 2006

New Blog Manager Needed - We're Back At No. 2 On Google For Search Term "ERHC"

With an average 1,783 readers a day, positioned at No. 2 among search results for the term "ERHC" on Google (only the company ranks higher), and with its wealth of information about ERHC Energy covering the past 15 months, ERHC On The Move is the perfect blog for a creative, intelligent journalist with wide-ranging interests and (preferably) an investment in ERHC Energy, the company that has stirred the flow of more than a million words published here since January 2005.

Due to the recent onset of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which will only worsen with more years of work on a keyboard, and because we want to concentrate on the development of The American Reporter, the newspaper I started in 1995 with 30 other journalists, I have decided to consider qualified persons for the future management of this column.

I am not permitted to sell this service, however, as to do so is a violation of the Blogspot Terms of Service. A new manager will be able to place Google ads on the site and earn substantial income from other advertisements if they wish, consistent with the Terms of Service

We urge any interested manager to consider the job well, as it requires very hard work and long, long hours each day. However, any manager with sufficient energy will find it a very rewarding enterprise on a personal level, and can expect a hands-on tutorial on every aspect of publication. Management of a related site, ERHE On The Move, is included.

Only serious and qualified managers should inquire. Contact for more information.

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