Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Mutwadadi Speaks: What Daukoru Wants May Not Be What We Get

The trusted source Mutwadadi, who first alerted us yesterday to the possibility of a postponement - a one-day delay was announced today - is still not optimistic the JMC meeting will come about as planned.

Here is his latest message, which he has permitted us to attribnute to him:

"Nigeria very much wants a meeting of the JMC as soon as possible, and has been pushing for it for some time. Nigerian officials on the JMC and at the JDA will confirm as much. Any delay will not come from them.

But what Daukoru wants to happen is not the issue. The JDZ project involves two states. And the problem is now - as it has been before - with Sao Tome.

Pequeno's resignation has created a storm in the islands. He has offered his resignation, and the prime minister insists he goes. But if the president refuses to accept the resgination, it's stalemate.

It's a crisis involving two government ministers; the defence minister is also pre-occupied. People who know Sao Tome would not bet on a meeting this week.

The implications are not necessarily so significant. Meetings have been delayed before. They will likely be delayed again. These are things that people who have followed this for any length of time will know only too well.

The more important point is that companies are resolving their contractual issues. And people should keep an eye on both parties to the JDZ treaty."

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