Thursday, January 19, 2006

Daukoru Aide Denies Nigeria-Sao Tome Treaty To Be Dissolved

A regular poster on the I-Hub and Raging Bull ERHE message boards said that an aide to OPEC President Dr. Edmund Daukoru has told him that Nigeria's oil minister denies any plan is in the works to dissolve the Joint Development Authority before the end of the month.

Poster Jeff Smurlick of Pompano Beach, Fla., known as Ruby1100, told ERHC On The Move by phone and in an email that Daukoru's assistant denied the report:

"i spoke to daukoru asst

: he said not true at all. told me to email it to him

and he will reply"

The denial was buttressed by a report from Mark St. Amour of Nashville, who said Joint Development Authority spokesman Sam Dimka responded to the dissolution report by saying "someone is playing games." Here are both of Mark's notes:


I called Sam Dimka about this. He says someone is playing games. He told me to
call back in 5 minutes and he will give me Daukoru's spokesperson's contact


Here is his second note:

Sam Dimka gave me Daukoru's spokesperson's ph #. I called and asked him about this. He said it's not true. He told me to email the artilce to him and he will reply. I will forward to you all his reply as soon as I have it. His name is Emanuel. I could not understand his last name. LOL.


The report received by ERHC On The Move suggests that the Joint Development Authority will be unilaterally dissoved by Nigeria before the end of the month. It contends that a "working group" at the NNPC has been planning to dissolve the treaty since late December, as Nigeria does not believe that Sao Tome is capable of dealing with the stresses of the licensing process.

Mark and Jeff both opposed publishing the memo, however, and we have elected not to publish it here as its accuracy cannot be verified.

Ruby 1100 urged investors in a long, strong I-Hub post this morning to buy ERHE, which was hit by a wave of selling shortly afterwards when Mark revealed that Sao Tome had requested yet another delay on signing PSCs until mid-February.

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