Monday, January 30, 2006

Mutwadadi: JMC Meeting Could Come Sooner

In a second note to clarify an earlier one, our reliable source Mutwadadi says that JMC meetings could come sooner than expected, bringing surprises along with them.

The celebrated tipster also took pains to distance himself from observations by a top Washington-based news service investigative reporter that tied ERHC Energy chairman Sir Emeka Offor to an investigation of influence-peddling by Louisiana Democrat Rep. William Jefferson.

Here is Mutwadadi's latest note:


just to clarify:

i've not heard anything to suggest emeka offor is having any problems with the US authorities. In fact, he was in the us last week to finalize the transfer of CEO power to brandhuber; to the best of my knowledge, he arrived and left without attracting the interest of any agency.

i'm not aware of any link between offor and/or ERHC and jefferson.

as for the jmc: all sides appear to recognise it should meet shortly. some of the things on the agenda are clear. too much speculation would be unwise, though -in the past, such meetings have often sprung surprises.

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