Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Congratulations, It's An Investor!

ERHC On The Move sends it warmest congratulations this afternoon to Stockhocker, a longtime ERHC Energy investor who posts on the Investor's Hub message board, whose wife is having a baby today.

We're all anxiously awaiting the good news, Stockhocker, and we send you our very best wishes.

Here is Stockhocker's glad announcement:

Posted by: stockhocker
In reply to: walldog0 who wrote msg# 19852 Date:1/31/2006 3:51:14 PM
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I understand that. Your original post stated he would file to show he owned no shares. Not the same thing. Anyhow, gotta go, my wife is having a baby! Off to hospital now - ya'll take care of this baby, while I go take care of mine!

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