Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Again, Big Trades After Hours

Two big extended-hours trades sunk the closing price of ERHC Energy Tuesday afternoon, but the Bid and Ask recovered shortly afterwards to finish in EH at $0.34 x $0.35.

The two trades were identically conformed in multiple to those after Friday's close, when a total of two purchases of 262,107 changed the closing price; the first at $0.298 brought it down below $0.30, the regular-hours close, and the second improved on the regular close to $0.3045, slightly up.

Today's two major after-hours trades were at 5:12pm EST for one half of the first lot of 131,054, going off at $0.3112 and a profit of $1,729, but chopping the regular day's gain of $0.045 to $0.0112; the second lot, at 6:31pm EST, traded at $0.3245, leaving the day's gain at $0.245 and a profit of $6,474 over Friday's purchase price for the same block, and $8,203 for the one full day of trading, The seller also has an unrealized gain of $5,897 at the regular-closing Ask of $0.345, and a total profit thus far of $14,100. That presumes both trades were sales, as identified by ADVFN.

Also, seconds after the day's close, at 6:01, two trades of 11,800 and 20,000 both went off as purchases at $0.35, yielding the high of the day. Following the two big trades, the Bid went to $0.345, a half-cent better than the close, and the Ask to $0.35, a half-cent better as well.

Volume for the day totaled 2,247,975, with Buys of 1,272,065, Sells of 838,506, and unidentifiable trades of 37,404.

ERHC On The Move's portfolio of 85,500 shares, purchased at an average of $0.2922, enjoyed a one-day gain of $3,847.50, bringing our total ERHE asset value to $29,497.50, a profit of $4,480.73.
Meanwhile, the Blog had 1,218 unique visitors by 11:07pm today who looked at 1,624 pages; 85 visitors showed up in the last hour of trading.

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