Friday, January 07, 2005

Scott: DJNS Story Delayed By ERHC Response

A post by dcre1 casts a spotlight on ne the problems we mentioned in the last post: Poor communications. Dow Jones News Service staff reporter Norval Scott says "it’s being held up slightly as I’m waiting for ERHC to get back to me."

As anyone who has ever tried to get information out of the company's public affairs person, John Coleman, will testify, it's like pulling teeth. We get the impression that Coleman has no real PR experience, because he frequently will not do more than refer a caller to an SEC filing or offer a "no comment" to the most bland of questions. He stands in sharp contrast to the professionals we've talked to at Pioneer and elsewhere.

If Coleman gets off his dufus to respond, Scott says there is an outside chance the piece may get carried in the Wall Street Journal, albeit a very small one. It will run on the Dow Jones newswire, though, which reaches millions of alert investors at home and at their offices all over the world.

Scott's message, courtesy of dcre1, appears in its entirety below.

E-MAIL from Norval Scott

No problem Doug, thanks for your time, was much appreciated. Thanks also for your offer of assistance in the future – I’m sure there will be follow up articles to come on this!

Article will come out on Dow Jones Newswires, and there’s a slim chance it might get into the WSJ. (I’m sure someone will post it on Raging Bull when it comes out!) Am hoping that it’ll come out next week if everything goes ok - at the moment it’s being held up slightly as I’m waiting for ERHC to get back to me.

Kind regards,

Norval Scott


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