Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Domain Jumper Claims "ERHC Energy" Name

A Louisiana man who identifies himself at stockhocker70 on the Raging Bull message board has apparently bought a domain name for ERHC Energy, the new name shareholders are expected to adopt at its Feb. 4 shareholders' meeting, and said he intends to sell to the company if he is permitted to develop the Website.

By: stockhocker70
19 Jan 2005, 07:38 PM EST
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OK, the cat is out of the bag. I reserved both names (and several other variations) when I learned of the proposed name change. JC and whoever else is responsible for the ERHC web site have failed and are failing terribly in their efforts. I have attempted to reach the company and offer my services, to no avail.

On a hunch I checked these domains and found the had not been reserved. So, I secured them myself.

I am going to bring this up during the SH meeting. If ERHC wants the names, I will make an offer, which will be contingent upon the company using my services for a new web site.

Capitalism? Partly... But mainly, I knew if I did not act on our behalf and in our best interest, someone else with a different interest would, quickly.

Let's see what kind of worms crawl out of this can I have opened...

It's apparently quite a can.

The contact name in the WHOIS directory of Network Solutions is given as an address, 1800 Carol Sue Ave., the actual street address of a company that claims to provides Web hosting services. The email address provided was

Also found in a Google search for that address was, a company which provides Internet services for insurance claims processing, Eagle Consulting Services, and Gretna, La.-based Linder Oil Co., owned by oilman G. Miles Biggs and Roger D. Lindner, which was listed as a creditor in a bankruptcy filing for the Houston-based ENA Upstream Company Inc., a firm in which Enron North America Corp. held most voting stock. ENA Upstream went bankrupt owing $79,141,963.

The Gilmore Petroleum Co., which provides geological services, and the Midland, Tex.-based Clayton Williams Energy Co., listed "care of" Eagle Consulting at 1800 Carol Sue, are also referenced at that address.

According to the filing, the Linder Oil Co. was owed $3,680,970.46 by ENA Upstream, and was the largest of 20 listed creditors owed hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars each.

Internet phone directories list a Terry A. Edwards at a residential address in Slidell, La. The person who identifies himself as stockhocker70 on the message board has frequently referenced Louisiana and the insurance claims business in his posts. The E-claim Website does not list any names of its personnel.


Anonymous said...

Joe, what's your point of mentioning all of the connections to various companies? It appears SH70 is just trying to make a buck.

...Joe Shea said...

I find them interesting. The presence of so many oil companies at 1800 Carol Sue makes me wonder if there are any ties to some of the stuff we've seen in the trading the past few months. I agree that he sounds very innocent.