Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wow! Great Detective Work Illuminates ERHC's Buyout / Acquisition Plan

An extraordinary revelation on Good Friday by Investor's Hub moderator balance_builder has the whole board talking - and all of us scratching our heads as we try to make sense of a white board presentation, apparently from a road trip or the Nigerian Oil & Gas Conference last Fall. Click on any of the photos below to enlarge them.

First, here's the link to the Flash video in question, with balance_builder's instructions on how to isolate and zoom the whiteboard:

Click on the flash video presentation (link below) that ERHC aired at the 2/08 Nigeria Oil and Gas conference.

While reviewing the video you will need to freeze it at the point where you see the very pretty brunette standing at the white board with marker in hand.

How to Freeze Video to show desired slide:
As video slides progress, left hand click then right hand click. This will bring up a list of commands. Put your cursor on "back" and when the purty bruness comes up click on "back". You will now be froze onto the desired slide. From there, you can zoom in and out to read ERHC's "white board".

Here's the photo, part 1:

The discussion of Addax and other players and their percentagers in the various blocks of the Joint Development Zone seems to lead into a discussion of investing in ERHC Energy or "portfolio exchange," which means exchanging stocks in one prtfolio for stock in another, and then goes on to discuss a new entity, possibly on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

The word "Brenner" apparently refers to athe Brenner investment advisory group whose presenter, the pretty brunette, may be financial analyst Erlinda Arriola of El Paso.

Here's second short of the picture, focusing on the right side:

The same people who have been trying to keep the share price down by pooh-poohing talk of a buyout are angry with balance_builder for revealing the pictures, saying he may botch up some deal the company has in the works.

The only issue I have with that is that any secret deal would involve getting our shares on the cheap, as has been the case for almost a year. As soon as word leaks out on Monday morning that some sort of deal is actively being contemplated, I bet the price will rise. Remember, this is a three-day weekend... . (For new readers, this infamous phrase was coined by me a couple of years ago when I noticed that many of the major developments with ERHC Energy were announced at the tail end of a three-day weekend, which may have given some investors an opportunity to trade ERHE on German exchanges, for instance, while US exchanges were closed. I was much derided until, of course, the award of the block percentages to ERHE came at the end of a three-day weekend.

Here's a shot including the lovely presenter:

And finally, below you'll find a final shot that some poster did to transmute the content of the board into normal type. The choice of words represents a general consensus about what the words and phrases in the photographs actually areas opposed to what, in sum, they mean::

Again, this one interprets the whiteboard content:

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