Monday, March 24, 2008

'Whiteboard' Niotes Were Staged, Meaningless, ERHC's PR Man Says

Dan Keeney, the much-improved public relations man for ERHC Energy, tried to pop the balloon of interest that has seized Investor's Hub ever since an investior gave Balance Builder a few blow-ups of a photograph showing apparent deal-making in the works at a recent Nigeria Oil & Gas conference. Speculation has been that the various notes on the whiteboard show ERHC's desire to attract investment, form a new entity on the TYoronto Stock Exchange and acquire new properties in the Nigerian Gulf of Guinea.

That;s pure imagination, says Kenney, responding to one investor named Dr. J.:

Dear Dr. J

I’ll tell you want I’ve told others: Shareholders are certainly welcome to apply whatever amount of significance to anything they please, but as is the case with most photos included in marketing materials, this came from a photo shoot and all the elements, including what was on the flip chart, were created and staged for the purposes of this shot. The person “presenting” is the company’s administrative assistant, Sarah Kanorwala. I can assure you that she is acting and that all elements of this shot were created for the shot. In other photos from this shoot, the company’s receptionist, Carol, is among those participating in the “meeting.” It was all created for the shoot and to create interesting visual elements for the photo, nothing more than that.

Well, at least we know who the beautiful brunette is!

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