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Three Sources Say ERHE Buy-In Is Underway; Meridian Post Renews Interest

ERHC On The Move has learned from three separate sources that a buy-in of ERHC Energy shares is currently underway, and that at least two major oil companies have approached ERHC with offers for substantial equity in the company, and two of those sources say that at leat one company that is buying ERHC Energy shares is the Chinese oil giant Sinopec, our partner in Block 2 and the seventh-largest oil company in the world.

One source, the ERHC On The Move poster known only as "Doc," said today:
ERHC Energy *has* been approached by at least two majors that are interested in taking a stake in the company.

When I wrote to you over a month ago that what was being discovered in the Gulf of Guinea's JDZ was a mammoth field - a term that so many people seem to use now - and you published this on your ERHE blog, you were shot down in flames and some very unkind words were used about me.

Out of the information I have since gathered from multiple and excellent sources I can confirm that what I wrote on March 6 was correct. In fact, it is my belief that 10 years from now the JDZ will be regarded as one of the top 5 oil-producing areas in the world. There seems to be very large quantities of gas as well.

Today's share price to some degree reflects at least one of the rumors, from the knowledgeable poster "oilphant," who posted a message in Morse code decoded as simply, "Sinopec buying shares."

The other source with respect to Sinopec cannot be disclosed.

And this just in from Meridian, the controversial poster on I-Hub. We publish it because it is consistent with Opec President Dr. Edmund Daukoru's comments published in UpstreamOnline yesterday:

Posted by: Meridian
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Oil column is more than 3000 feet.

More than 10 producing horizons.

Don't know anything about the structure straddling other blocks.

The dimwit awlright posting on the I-Hub board claims the above was somehow a statement in my defense. While you can't convince an illiterate in writing, those who can read will recognize the positions above are ones taken by Doc, who is apparently concerned about his timeliness.

Just for the record, we were the first to reveal that "Big Oil" had been found in Block 1, and that information was quickly researched and covered by Jacinta Moran of Platt's. But it appeared here first on the morning of Feb. 14.

Like most illiterate dimwits, awlright rarely contributes anything but commentary, consistent with his empty-headed approach to life. Here is his post:

Posted by: alwright
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Poor Joe he has been vindicated. Claims he posted in early March that the CVX find was HUGE and that some posters trashed him!!! Fess up..WHO??? I'm sure nobody wanted to believe we would be rich soon :0)

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