Thursday, April 13, 2006

Norma Rae, Er, Reynolds, Censors Meridian's Posts

Norma Reynolds, the I-Hub moderator known as cchr who is ERHC investor Phil Nugent's accountant - a job once held by ERHC non-spokesman John Coleman - has begun censoring all or nearly all of the posts by Meridian, the tipster who welcomed and lionized on her board just weeks ago.

The communist-style censorship wiped out all of his recent posts, board members say, and many of them have protested vigorously.

The Investor's Hub manager known as Matt has repeatedly said he frowns on excessive deletion of opinion posts, but has not dared to mess with his most successful board.

We wonder if Norma Reynold's newfound sensitivity doesn't have some connection to the news articles posted on the Raging Bull ERHC Energy message board today concerning ERHC partners Phil Nugent and Noreen Wilson, who are now associated by extension with an apparent swindler named Kent W. aka William Kent Trumble of Fort Mill, Pa. Both were tied to another convicted stock swindler who was also their attorney, lawyer Donald Mintmire of West Palm Beach, in a story in Barron's last year.

Reynolds' last caper was the smut-bombing of ERHC On The Move, according to our poster Doc who said she sent thousands of obscene messages to this board's comments section at the behest of Nugent, who was apparently offended by our discussion of his investment ties with GEECF, which filed for bankruptcy last May.

update: Shortly after our post appeared here, she allowed Meridian to start posting again and left this angry message:


Whatever you say, Captain Queeg...

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