Monday, April 17, 2006

Meridian, Others Sign On To New JDZ I-Hub Board

The new but well-regarded poster instructmba ha started a new Investor's Hub board for the discussion of any and all companies doing business in the Nigeria-Sao Tome and Pirncipe Joint Development Zone, and well-known posters like Meridian, claudealain, jdubs, ajaxxx_99, texasspeculator and Sangamon Kid - not to mention yours truly, jouster - have all signed on.

Dissatisfaction with the old I-Hub board run by Texas mega-shareholder Phil Nugent's accountant, Norma Reynolds (who uses cchr and other aliases), and particularly her policy of banning posters and deleting posts that are relevant but possibly negative about ERHE, has spurred several efforts to replace her board, but only this new one has caught on.

The formal name of the board is JDZ Nigeria-Sao Tome e Principe and the URL is:

Free, fair and open discussion of ERHC Energy and the companies it interacts with in the JDZ and Sao Tome and Nigeria EEZs can only help investors, and although we got off on the wrong foot with instructmba initially, we like his style and feel good about the prospects of the new board.

Good luck, amigo!

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