Wednesday, May 03, 2006

ERHE Jumps $0.07, Or 8%, In Sudden Sport

For no apparent reason except possibly a large Buy order, ERHE shares jumped 8.41 percent in a matter of minutes this morning, only to fall back to $0.83 - still a $0.04 gain. No great volume spike accompanied the surge; volume afterwards stood at 679,420.

The possibility that Doc's prediction of big news this week relative to a deal between ERHC Energy and an unidentified Chinese firm was one possible reason for the short-lived spike.

Trading stood at $0.82 at 9:37am EDT and shot up to $0.88 by 10:13, when it began to fall. About 562,000 shares traded in that time.

Stop the presses! That price and volume spike has resumed. We cannot find any news via several sources that ought to have it, if there were any, so we suspect a stock tip newsletter has recommended a buy based on technical data, which is reportedly looking strong for ERHE. Please let me know if you have heard anything at Just click on the envelope below, and thanks!

At 10:47am EDT, the price is $0.88 and the Bid is $0.875. Volume stands at 1,187,485, a substantial jump over the past half hour.

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