Monday, May 15, 2006

10Q To Be Filed Monday, Poster Says, But No Such Luck - Yet

Poster Mark St. Amour of the I-Hub message boards said Monday that in a phone call to ERHC Energy headquarters in Houston he was assured by someone named Franklin who answered the phone there that the company's briefly-delayed 10Q filing with the SEC will be filed today.

But by 9:21am ET Tuesday, the filing was still not available on the SEC's Website.

Franklin is probably one of the members of the Board of Directors who is a CPA:

Mr. Franklin Ihekwoaba was appointed the Vice President (Finance) of the Company, in which capacity he becomes the chief financial and principal accounting officer as well as the treasurer of the Company.

Here is Mark's post:

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I just called ERHE offices in Houston. 10Q will be out today. Also, I asked if Mr. Brandhuber will be addressing shareholders concerns over the downturn in sp. He said that yes Mr. Brandhuber will be releasing something in the very short term. Call ERHE to verify.

Take my posts for what they are worth. Better yet do your due dilligence. Long and Strong ERHE.

Mwanwhile, indications are that the $45.5 million payment to ERHC Energy from Sinopec and Addax Petroleum will be included in the current quarter's filing, an event that could lift ERHC's share price above its dismal finish at $0.56 today. Volume was 5,616,131 shares and our market cap has fallen to $398 million.

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