Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dow Jones Was Unaware Sao Tome Report Was Rejected In Entirety By Both Governments

The reporter who wrote the May 5 Dow Jones story about service of a search warrant at ERHC Energy's Houston, Texas, headquarters on Thursday, May 4, were unaware until ERHC On The Move told them about it that both governments had rejected the report "in its entirety" in a formal resolution adopted Feb. 8 and released to the public on its Websiote on Feb. 9, 2006.

Update, 2:45pm, 05/11/06: A caller from Dow Jones named Nancy Jankelowski (or something like that) who supervises the editor and reporter said the company will not correct the misinformation it published on May 5. She hung up on us when we tried to press our case, saying that not reporting that the Sao Tome Atty. General's report was rejected is like reporting an indictment and then not reporting the indictment has been quashed.

The editor in the Dow Jones Washington bureau said the matter will be taken up with his editor, and he indicated that a response will be forthcoming from the company.

The editor also indicated that the story had faithfully reported the content of statements in a commentary about the billion-barrel discovery in Block 1 (adjoining ERHC Energy's equity in Block 2) by a Wall Street Journal in March, in which the writer also failed to mention the official government rejection of the report.

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