Thursday, June 01, 2006

Campaign for County Commissioner begins

I have begun a campaign for Manatee County Commissioner (District 4) with a formal announcement today.

WWPR AM 1490 host Mitch Mallett had me on the air for the entire hour of his 9am show "It's Your Gavel," and the Bradenton Herald article is available online.
As I said last week in a long post, I expect ERHE to hang around the $0.55 mark for a while.

When Chevron comes clean about its discovery - or the JDA decides to tell us exactly how buig it is and whether it extends into Block 2 (which would be a material news event requiring and 8K as well), and if and when our company decides to issue a press release on our fantastic 1st Quarter earnings, we will see a sharp improvement in price.

Until then, unfortunately, there is little news to report... .

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