Thursday, January 14, 2010

ERHC's Dan Kenney Responds To Ledbetter Charges

ERHC Energy's p.r. contractor, Dan Keeney, has responded to publication of Jim Ledbetter's charges without addressing any of the particulars. The company was unavailable for comment at the time the story was posted before dawn on Wed., Jan 13, and after midnight on Jan. 14.

Here is his comment:

Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2010 09:52:45 -0600
From: "Daniel Keeney, APR"


Your post the other day stated that "the company was unavailable for comment," which is strange because my contact information is pretty ubiquitous and nobody tried to contact me prior to posting your wild accusations about ERHC. It is absolutely astonishing to me that you did not contact the company before publishing allegations of illegal activities - not once but twice now. You clearly have an agenda to harm the company without regard to the veracity of your supposed sources of information.


Daniel Keeney, APR

DPK Public Relations

With respect to any "agenda" I might have:

Since I fought the federal allegations from the beginning and frequently argued for the copmpany's innocence with respect to charges the FBI proffered to the Federal Grand Jury in Dallas, it seems clear to me that ERHC On The Move has no malicious agenda. In fact, we sent a very clear positive signal to investors when the share price was $0.12 in January 2009, helping to spark a very strong period of share price growth from which the company and shareholders alike benefitted enormously. We didn't get any thank-you note on that occasion, either.

The company never bothered to thank us for the many efforts we made to clear their name - from contacting numerous other journalists who had attacked it to speaking with the US Attorney who bnrought the case - so we find it quite easy to believe they turned a cold shoulder to Jim Ledbetter as well. I note that the fact Jim is homeless, alone and possibly suicidal has not elicited any sympathy. At this point, they have not even offered the man crocodile tears.

As for his charges with respect to Godsonic, they were widely debated on other investor Websites. we don't recall the company responding to those concerns, either. However, in our estimate the charges may have merit and deserve an airing.

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