Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A JV Opportunity Too Good To Pass Up

Our Florida non-proft educational organization, HHO Games & Exposition, Inc., is located in Bradenton, Fla. We're looking for small investors to help fund a variety of currently profitable hydrogen-technology businesses that we bring together several times a year for large public exhibitions that attract upwards of 2,500 people.

Our first annual all-day (8AM - 9PM) Hydrogen Builders Conference on Jan. 30, 2010, in Sarasota, Fla., however, will be closed to the public and will pair developers of oxyhydrogen (HHO) applications for toxic waste disposal, welding, home cooking, steam boilers, home heating and on-demand hydroxy devices for bicycles, motorcycles, generators, boats, cars and trucks and associated software and interface equipment. In addition, there will be seminars and development programs for cross-collabopration between developers. This comes as the U.S. Dept. of Energy has just announced a huge $350-billion clean energy funding initiative that all of these devices qualify for. HHO, after all, is completely non-toxic - it's water in gaseous form - and is made from water alone.

What's to invest in? How about a bicycle equipped with an HHO kit that goes 45MPH, gets 250MPG, and yet needs no driver's license. Or a 1' x 3' HHO truck box that can save most OTR big-rig truckers $20,000 a year for a one-time investment of $2,500. Or a toxic waste torch that will turn biomedical wastes into valuable ceramics and tires into useful carbon powder. Or a home heatng unit that will heat 1,500 sq. ft. for just $37 a month. Or a generator kit that will extend a 12-hour supply of gasoline or kerosene to 18 hours. Dozens of other applications will be on display.

The devices on display use oxyhydrogen (the product of small amounts of water decomposed by simple electrolysis) instead of or as a supplement to other fuels at a greatly reduced cost for technology development and offer substantial savings on fuel (see HHOgames.com for more). We seek the funding of these businesses, in which we have no investment, to advance the current use of hydroxy and hydrogen devices in novel applications with very strong revenue potential. HHO Games & Exposition does not seek funding.

HHO Games & Exposition inventoirs, builders and developers may be interested in receiving capital from a variety of conventional sources, including direct and/or equity investment and loans. We do not take a finding fee or any other compensation from industry representatives. Contact Joe Shea at 941-753-1136 or visit hhogames.com for more information.

We invite you to view a 28-minute video featuring some of the Taiwanese HHO devices investors can help develop in America. The video may be tedious - until, about 25 minutes into it - you see a man place his hand on a thin metal pipe that is directing a multi-thousand degree flame for toxic waste incineration. As a gas, when HHO burns it produces zero pollution and no radiant heat.

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