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Drilling Finished In 2 Wells, ERHC Says, But No News Yet

ERHC Energy released an update on its drilling in the JDZ today, but was unable to say whether significant deposits of oil were struck. That news - or the absence of it - will probably come soon.

Here is the press release, which pretty much speaks for itself:

ERHC Energy Inc. Updates Shareholders on Drilling in the JDZ

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08.10.2009 13:15:02

( - HOUSTON, TX -- (Marketwire) -- 10/08/09 -- ERHC Energy Inc. (OTCBB: ERHE), a publicly traded American company with oil and gas assets in the highly prospective Gulf of Guinea off the coast of West Africa, today issued the following update on Company activities from Peter Ntephe, chief operating officer.

To ERHC Shareholders:

I am happy to report that drilling is progressing on schedule in the Joint Development Zone (JDZ) Blocks in which ERHC has interests.

Addax Petroleum Corporation ("Addax"), the operator of JDZ Blocks 3 and 4, has finished drilling a well at the Kina Prospect in Block 4 in which ERHC has a 19.5 percent interest. Based on the early analysis done to date, the well encountered hydrocarbons, but a detailed evaluation of information from the well has only just commenced so it is far too early for any conclusions to be drawn on the extent and quality of the hydrocarbon system encountered. A comprehensive analysis that incorporates the drilling results into relevant geologic and fluid models will now be carried out.

Following the initial drilling operation in Block 4, the Deepwater Pathfinder has moved to the Lemba 1X well location in JDZ Block 3 in which ERHC has a 10 percent interest. Exploratory drilling at Lemba 1X commenced yesterday. We estimate it will take approximately five weeks, although the actual timing is dependent on many factors, such as drilling penetration rate, fluids encountered, borehole stability and equipment maintenance, among others.

Once done with the Lemba 1X well, the Deepwater Pathfinder will move back to JDZ Block 4 to drill two additional wells. The specific drilling locations of these additional Block 4 wells will be determined in due course.

Sinopec JDZ Block 2 Limited ("Sinopec"), the operator of JDZ Block 2 in which ERHC has a 22 percent interest, has also finished exploratory drilling at the JDZ Bomu-1 well location. Based on the early analysis done to date, natural gas is discovered, but again a detailed evaluation of information from the well has only just commenced so it is far too early for any conclusions to be drawn on the extent and quality of the hydrocarbon system encountered.

This is an exciting time for the ERHC family. When this initial drilling campaign is completed, a total of five wells will have been drilled. Each well will be evaluated using several standard oilfield methods and the rock properties and reservoir fluids will be measured and evaluated.

As we stated previously, the purpose of this process is to test scientific conclusions and gather additional information. The information from these wells is helping the exploration team understand the geology and hydrocarbon potential of the various prospects being drilled. Perhaps more importantly, it is helping us understand the prospectivity of the entire area. This is a highly technical process that takes considerable time. The parties are working to ensure that operations are conducted to the highest industry standards. The focus is quality of work put into each well, not undue haste.

We are as excited about getting drilling results as the investment community is. In accordance with the practice in the JDZ, accurate, material information on the progress in the JDZ Blocks will emanate from the operators or the Joint Development Authority. ERHC will publish such information in a timely manner in accordance with our contractual and regulatory obligations.

The operators will determine when it is appropriate to release the drilling results. Sinopec has announced that its drilling results might be released in the fourth quarter with a caveat that such release is contingent upon numerous factors. Addax is expected to provide guidance in due course on the release of its results.

We appreciate the support of our shareholders and share their excitement. If you have questions, please submit them to Dan Keeney, our investor relations representative, at :


Peter Ntephe

Chief Operating Officer

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