Friday, May 11, 2007

I Made It To The Top!

I have been playing the CNBC Million-Dollar Stock Challenge for the last seven or eight weeks, and after a long struggle I have finally made it into the "Top 1%" of the 1.2 million players with a gain of 42 percent on my original $1 million capital.

But the unusual thing is that I made it to the top rank with the same four stocks I started out with - I never made a single trade.

So what were those magical stocks?

  • 2,870 shares of CSX.
  • 25,000 shared of Ford.
  • 10,000 shares of Foster Wheeler.
  • 5,000 shares of IIT (Indosat, an Indonesian satellite company I've followed all the way from $4, starting 11 years ago.

Had I sold at $93 when FWLT hit that number in its meteoric rise, I would be $60,000 better off - but all prices are as of the end of the day's trading, so it wouldn't have mattered. As it is, my profit has been $399,0000 as of the close of business yesterday. I've also won $23,000 in Bonus Bucks, giving me a total of $1,422,000.

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