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Economist Ad Challenges Scientists On Irish 'Free Energy' Machine

In what may be the latest and most public reiteration of the "free energy" theme that accompanied the discovery of "cold fusion," Irish scientists are challenging top scientists to test a magnetic device that they say can power cars, machines and millions of other products at no cost for fuel.

Executives of Steorn, an Irish firm, have taken an ad in Britain's The Economist to challenge a jury of scientists tio test their free energy device. Pictured, L. to R., are CEO Michael Daley, CFO Michael Moriarty, and Marketing Manager Richard Walshe. The inventor, not shown, was Sean McCarthy.
Joe Shea/The American Reporter

The discovery, which has already drawn replies through a full-page ad in the Economist, from more than 3,000 scientists who want to test it, seemingly defeats the Second Law of Thermodynamics (no energy can be created or destroyed), and the inventors say it operates at 285 percent of efficiency.

Like a novel gas called HH0 invented by St. Petersburg, Fla., engineer Denny Klein, the device is also drawing skeptics ready to crush the p.r. wave that is currently ascending from Ireland.

Here is a company press release:

Steorn develops free energy technology and issues challenge to the global scientific community

London, 18th August 2006: Steorn, an Irish technology development company, has today issued a challenge to the global scientific community to test Steorn’s free energy technology and publish the findings.

Steorn’s technology is based on the interaction of magnetic fields and allows the production of clean, free and constant energy. The technology can be applied to virtually all devices requiring energy, from cellular phones to cars.

Steorn has placed an advertisement in The Economist this week to attract the attention of the world’s leading scientists working in the field of experimental physics. From all the scientists who accept Steorn’s challenge, twelve will be invited to take part in a rigorous testing exercise to prove that Steorn’s technology creates free energy. The results will be published worldwide.

Sean McCarthy, CEO of Steorn, commented: “During the years of its development, our technology has been validated by various independent scientists and engineers. We are now seeking twelve of the most qualified and most cynical from the world’s scientific community to form an independent jury, test the technology in independent laboratories and publish their findings.

“We are under no illusions that there will be a lot of cynicism out there about our proposition, as it currently challenges one of the basic principles of physics. However, the implications of our technology go far beyond scientific curiosity: addressing many urgent global needs including security of energy supply and zero emission energy production. In order for these benefits to be achieved, we need the public validation and endorsement of the scientific community”.

“We’re playing our part in making that happen by throwing down the gauntlet with today’s announcement – now it’s over to the scientists to ensure that the real potential and benefits of our technology can be realised.”

Following the validation process, Steorn intends to license its technology to organisations within the energy sector. It will allow use of its technology royalty-free for certain purposes including water and rural electrification projects in Third World countries; details are to be announced later.

Here's a comment on the technology from the Scientific American blog:
Comment from: Cyril Smith [Visitor]
There are some aspects of physics that are never taught and therefore never considered. If you add the magnetic field (B) from a bar magnet to one from a current carrying coil wound on that bar (deltaB) the field everywhere is a the sum of two terms, B+deltaB. Energy density goes with the square of the field, so expanding the square of the sum we get B^2 +2BdeltaB + deltaB^2. B^2 is the original energy from the magnet. deltaB^2 is the energy from the coil. 2BdeltaB is excess energy gained from where? That is not a trivial amount of energy, and it can be shown that it comes from the quantum domain. It is ignored because over a full cycle it is generally not available to us. Can an electro-magnetic theory which ignores magnetic energy shuttling about within our machines be considered complete? Is it not possible that someone will eventually discover how to tap into that ignored energy flow? August 22, 2006 @ 11:59

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