Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A New Look For ERHC Energy

After a particularly pointed and bitter missive from a Raging Bull poster named bklynboy, the company has unveiled a long-awaited new design for its Website at the same domain and promises a steady stream of accurate information for investors in the future.

To celebrate, we bought 10,000 shares this morning at $0.405, bringing our total portfolio back to 110,000 shares at a more comfortable average of $0.4073.

The new site may eventually make it less necessary for investors like myself to run independent Websites in order to make up for the historic absence of news and information from the company.

From a professional standpoint, the new site and flame logo is uncomplicated, easily accessible and nicely designed. The flame, however, particularly in America, is closely associated with natural gas, not oil, and the fact that so much natural gas is flared off in Nigerian wells may make it a point of contention. The "highly styl;ized" E's that are mentioned in the press release about the new site are not apparent - the typeface is the familoar Early American.

The new site does make it easy to access the current price via a link to the Nasdaq, and has all the press releases from recent years. There is also a link to stock charts, some basic statements about governance - the company has adopted procedures to comply with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and to protect whistleblowers, for instance - but does not provide current and up-to-date pictures of its officers and directors, nor does the link under News to "Fact Sheets" work.

There is also link to the Nigeria Sao-Tome Joint Development Authority Website and to all the critical announcements, charts, sesimic data and press releases there, and valuable links to the U.S. Dept. of Energy oil-related Websites.

There is nothing addressing concerns of investors about the move of CEO Emeka Offor's stock to a Cayman Islands shell, however, nor any discussion of the long and deleterious wave of selling that hit the stock immediately after the awards of May 31.

On the "Media Resources" link under "News," only a link to the public relations person is given. Past front-page articles from the Los Angeles Times and Houston Chronicle, and a long feature from the premium Dow Jones News Service are not to be found, nor is a link to the fractious and foul-mouthed Raging Bull investor board, or the heavily censored Investor's Hub site. ERHC On The Move, which is the second search result for the company on Google, also goes unmentioned like the proverbial hippopotamus at the dinner table.

All in all, we give the Website a B on a scale of A to F.

Here is the press release heralding the site, which is at

ERHC Energy Launches New Logo, Web Site

HOUSTON--August 30, 2005--Houston-based ERHC Energy Inc. (OTCBB:ERHE) today launched its new web site, The new site includes a new look, logo and content features designed to provide the most current company news and information.
Included are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, particularly those presented following the company’s recent award of Blocks in the Nigeria-Sao Tome and Principe Joint Development Zone (JDZ). Visitors will also find fact sheets, company history and background, practical industry links and the president’s inaugural update to shareholders.

“We are very excited about ERHC Energy’s new web site and logo. The new identity better represents who we are: a young, progressive independent oil and gas exploration company,” said Ali Memon, President and CEO of ERHC Energy.

“The new ‘flame’ logomark, made up of two highly-stylized E’s that reinforce the company name, provides an artistic interpretation of a long-standing industry symbol, and communicates the company is a bright spot in the sector that will help fuel the future,” commented Deborah Buks, ERHC Energy’s communications consultant.

Based in Houston, Texas, ERHC Energy Inc. is an independent oil and gas company focused on exploration in the Gulf of Guinea offshore West Africa. For the most current updates and information, visit the company's website at

Media Contacts:
Shanta Mauney or Deborah Buks
Ward Creative Communications, Inc.;


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